Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Straw boater hats for the Summer

For the Summer to shade and keep the head cool from the heat of the Summer, gents should opt for a straw boater hat, which is an overlooked accessory. The straw boater was once a staple arsenal in a gent's wardrobe, but the general decline of men using head gear also affected the straw boater hat. 

In England for example the Henley Royal Regatta dress code for gents amongst others is: blazer, cream trousers, straw boater hats, strict rules that can not be bend.

Below is an illustration of a gent having a power nap at a club house, wearing a white linen jacket, small checked "flannel" trousers, bow tie matching the pattern in the trousers and a straw boater hat.
Another illustration of a gent (right) in a navy blue suiting, stripped shirt with white contrasting collar, blue tie with pattern, a boutonniere, paired with brown suede Oxford laced shoe.
Mr. Will Boehlke from "A suitable Wardrobe", navy suiting, pocket square, straw boater hat. A nice pair of brown suede Oxfords. Well done.
A Canadian gent in a three piece suiting, pocket square and a straw boater hat. 
 American gent Dr. Churchwell in a pink double breasted seersucker suiting, boutonniere, white pocket square and a straw boater hat.
 English gent, a boating blazer cream trousers, bow tie, s straw boater hat at Henley Royal Regatta festivities.
English gent in a navy blue blazer, cream trousers and a boater hat attending the Henley Regatta boat festivities. 
 Mr. Fred Astaire in a double breasted jacket, boutonniere, pocket square and a straw boater hat
 A multitude of boater hats assembled at one place
 Elderly gent in a short sleeve shirt, feeling hot and shading the head with a straw boater hat.
Photos sourced from A Suitable Wardrobe, Gent's Gazette, Telegraph UK and other cyber sources.


  1. My grandfather, a true gentleman, treated his grandchildren to a trip to the US a couple of years before his passing. He wore a straw boater hat during the entire journey. A lovely memory of a true gentleman.

    This story reminded me of this. Keep up the good work. I will try to fit in a boater hat this summer. Maybe midsummer?

  2. Hi Wooster,

    Thanks for your comment with a personal touch. I remember in one of your comments mentioning your grand father and now again. He must have been a true sartorial gent, that the blog about the boater hat brought some very special memories of your Grand father and now you consider a boater for the Mid Summer. Wooster, Sire you can not go wrong with the boater and that will let you be as sartorial as your Grand father.

    Have a pleasant day Sir.

    Kind regards

    The Shoe Aristo Cat

  3. Dear AristoCat

    Just wanted to ask when are you going to post something new? It's been a long time since we got some new blogs from you.

    Kind regards

  4. Dear Madame Ekaterina,

    I will be posting some new things in a few days from now. I am a bit busy with my work at the moment and did not have much time to update the blog. Apologies for that.

    Have a pleasant weekend.

    The Shoe Aristo Cat