Monday, 3 June 2013

The double breasted navy blue blazer as worn by the English Royals

I have been thinking of replacing my old double breasted blazer with a new one. I have a thing for the navy blue double breasted blazer from my school days, which has now become a staple in my clothing arsenal. Odd that the navy double breasted has it's origins not only from the Royal Navy but also a piece of clothing that has been worn by the English Royalties for more than a century and a half. When one thinks of the blazer in the English speaking countries, it is always in conjunction with the military, clubs, schools etc. Nevertheless a very piece of clothing that needs to be in any gentleman's clothing closet. 

I personally prefer the navy double breasted with cream white trousers or light grey shaded trousers. I once pulled the look with a reddish shade of trousers and was not bad at all. Just a thought when next commissioning a a blazer, give the navy double breasted blazer a chance, one can not go wrong with the looks as depicted below by the English Royals.
The late Duke of Windsor in a navy double breasted blazer (8 brass buttons) cream white trousers, paired with very casual canvas shoes.
HRH Prince Philip in a navy double breasted blazer (8 brass buttons) paired with a lighter shade of grey trousers, white shirt and a pocket square
HRH Prince Philip in a navy db blazer, white shirting, regimental tie and a pair of lighter grey trousers
HRH Prince Philip in a navy db blazer, white shirting, tie, pocket square and a darker shade of grey coloured trousers.
HRH Prince Charles in a navy db blazer, tie, stripped shirting, pocket square
 HRH Prince Charles in a double breasted navy blazer, cream coloured trousers, pocket square and....a tie. Nice look and elegant
 HRH Prince Michael in a navy double breasted blazer, stripped shirting and the unmistakable big knot which he prefers, a white pocket square
Pictures sourced from AAAC, Guardian UK and other internet sources

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