Saturday, 29 June 2013

Visiting shoemakers in Budapest - Buday shoes - part two

As I said in an earlier blog, visiting Budapest was a pleasure (however not planned) and I was not going to miss the opportunity of getting by some of the other lesser known shoe artisans. So my first visit was to enter Buday shoes of Budapest (Hungary). In the shop I was met by Madame Susanne or Zsuzsanne if I am not mistaken (apologies Madame If I missed the name), a very polite, charming knowledgeable lady when it comes to the Hungarian shoe industry and shoemakers and shoemaking.

I have to admit looking, viewing and touching, and having the shoes in my own hand changed my perception of the shoes made in Central Europe (Hungary and Austria in particular). Both countries have a long standing tradition of making good shoes.
I think the general mistake most of us make, is to compare the English made shoes, especially the English lasted shoes to other shoes made in other countries for example Hungary. I appreciated the lasts and designs of the Hungarian shoes as they are unique to the region and the artisans do respect and have paid attentions to the old traditions of shoemaking. It would be odd if they merely reproduced English designed lasted shoes. 

At Buday shoes, it was in the air, not really mentioned but their Cordovan made shoes was indeed their pride. If I recall correctly, Madame Susanne mentioned the welting on the Cordovan shoes and I was left speechless. 
Buday shoes offers different lasts such as Budapest 1928, Budapest 1939, Pilis, Mako, Velence, Frakno, Tokay, Solt, Sio, Tisza and more. If and when visiting Budapest, do not miss paying a visit to Buday shoes it is worth the time and you may end up picking a pair or two of shoes. 

Buday shoes (Budapest - Hungary) logo from outside the street 
From the window display outside of the shop
 A display of various offerings by Buday shoes
In the centre a braided leather Oxford and a Derby, far right a two toned braided brogue Derby
Two toned winged tipped Derby's, nice touch
Two Derby brogues, one in Tan and the other in Mahogany colour
Punched cap toe Oxford in burgundy and one in black calf hide
Cordovan two/three toned Derby shoes as renditioned by Buday Shoes of Budapest, note the triple welt stitching on these shoes. 
The sole details of the Buday shoes
A closer view of the Cordovan offerings in details

 Green piped edges on a tan grained three tier Derby
 A typical Hungarian lasted Oxford made of Ostrich hide, a beautiful shoe elegantly done
Some other offerings from Buday Shoes on display
 A saddle Oxford laced shoe in two tones
Photos sourced from me (The Shoe Aristo Cat)


  1. Nice post! Buday makes some really nice shoes, and although they don't have the Ugolini-lasts that their neighbours have some of the more sleek lasts looks really beautiful. Particularly like the last shape of the black wingtip oxford and two tone wingtip derby. What impression did you get of the leather quality and finish compared to Vass?

    1. The shoes from Gabor are better than those of Laszlo Vass in quality a lot. Any company that produces only high-quality and successful fails with larger pieces pay to keep the same quality. Gabor has not been so large unit numbers, it produces slower and increases the wearing comfort and quality.

  2. Hi J_Ingevaldsson,

    Thanks for the comment. Yes I also noted the lack of the Ugolinisque last but they do carry very nice lasted shoes toe. In regards to the finish and leather quality, I have to admit that I am by no means an expert, so my opinion will some how be unscientific and will be like comparing apples to pears. My impression from the chat with the lady at Buday, it was more or less accepted that the Vass house was like "John Lobb" of Budapest. My impression on the details, leather and artisanship, the Buday house are top notch. As said I need to own a pair, walk in them, polish them to give an objective view of their shoes. Just to give you an indication, I have CJ's handgrades but prefer them made by either GJ Cleverley or WS Foster, why? The same shoes last when from Foster or Cleverley are far superior to the same when from CJ. Now this was not to diminish CJ, they make good products. So as I say....I will need ti have a pair from Buday and test it in real life to give a scientific solid state opinion.

    Have a pleasant day Sir.

    Best regards
    The Shoe Aristo Cat