Friday, 7 June 2013

Roberto Ugolini - Ghillie renditions

I'm not a fan of Ghillie type of shoes but have to admit that a perfect rendition of a Ghillie is something in it's own league. Will not go into details why I personally loathe Ghillies, but at the end of the day, these shoes are best worn with Highlander kilts and they look best that way. For the day I have sampled a ghillie shoe and boot as renditioned by Master Roberto Ugolini of (Firenze) Italy. The rendition of the shoe and the boot are extremely well done, in two tone colours, the shoe in a winged cap toe, medallion, chisel square toe and lovely shades of brown calf hide and mustard like suede and no heel counters. Just sublime. The Ghillie boot in a Galosh styled (winged), round toe last in a tan colour and white (cream) which looks like canvass, but maybe suede too.
Note the picture of the Ghillie shoe photographed with a nice Prince Of Wales (POW) checked jacket, probably from an Italian mill, though the cloth maybe vintage. Lovely

Ghillie laced two toned winged brogue in calf hide and suede, chisel square toe and cap toe medallion. Love the shades of brown and nice shine on this shoe. If, I were to have a Ghillie, then this one will be my choice.
Ghillie laced two toned boot, rounded toe last, punched cap toe.
Photos sourced from The Shoe Realist

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