Saturday, 29 June 2013

Visiting shoemakers in Budapest - Rozsnyai Shoes - part one

My dear blog readers profound apologies for being quite for some time, I just happened to be in Hungary (Budapest) and had to pay the famous Hungarian shoemakers a visit. I was fortunate enough to go into Mr. Vass Laszlo's establishment, he has two stores on the same street not far from each other and right in the heart of the city of Budapest. 

Not far from Mr. Vass there are other two Hungarian shoemakers, Buday Shoes and Rozsnyai. Unfortunately never had a chance to go into Rozsnyai, but did take some pictures through the display window.
I have to apologise for the almost crappy photos taken with an Iphone, but you all get the idea as what is offered by the Hungarian shoemakers in this case the Rozsnyai establishment. Need not say that the first week of my stay was very hot, almost unbearable, but the flooding had retracted. So that was good. 

For the day I will post a few shoes offered by Mr. Rozsnyai.
I almost passed the shop, when I saw the below pastel coloured whole cut Adelaide with punched holes and no brogues in green and blue on a chisel square toe last, similar to the Crockett and Jones 348 Last. 
A double strapped monk with a wing tip cap toe. Very elegantly done
 A green and black Oxford (the green hide looks like lizard, but could be mistaken) also on a chisel square toe last
 A Derby in brown Ostrich hide
 My favourite from Rozsnyai was the below strapped loafer in exotic hide. 
All photos sourced from me  "The Shoe Aristo Cat"

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