Friday, 7 June 2013

Roberto Ugolini - Balmorals or Galosh Oxfords

For the day I have picked up two samples of Balmoral (Galosh) Oxfords by Master Roberto Ugolini from Firenze (Italy). Both samples are two toned shoes. The one pair is a traditional Balmoral (Galosh) and the other a winged Balmoral. The two pairs are punched cap toe Oxfords, one with a rounded last, the other a soft chisel squared toe last. Both pairs are well executed and elegantly renditioned, two pairs of shoes, I would like to add to my footwear arsenal. Hope you all have a pleasant weekend.
Two toned winged Balmoral(Galosh) in tan and darker brown, punched cap toe, soft chisel square last and the other a traditional Balmoral(Galosh) in calf and exotic hide and a rounded last.
Closer view of the winged Balmoral with a soft chisel square toe
The traditional Balmoral, two toned in calf and exotic hide, round square toe.
Photos sourced from The Shoerealist


  1. Love that chisel balmoral... LOVE IT. Now we are talking SA. I've been looking for that perfect 2 time shoe and I'm having trouble finding it... I think you just did it for me. Wow that shoe is amazing. Love the broguing, love the cap toe, the shade of brown... Stunning ..

    Thanks sa


  2. Hi Brad,

    Thanks for your uplifting comment. I'm glad that you liked (love the depicted shoe) and did find what you were looking for and enjoyed the blog.

    Hope you do enjoy your weekend.


    The Shoe Aristo Cat

  3. Any idea how to order the ugolini's?

  4. Hi Brad,

    You are really hooked up on the Master Roberto Ugolini's, nice to note that. Below is his contact information, however could not find any e-mail address, hopes the information helps you out.

    Roberto Ugolini, Calzature su misura

    Via Michelozzi 17r - 50125 Firenze, Italia
    Tel./Fax: (+39) 055-216246

    Have a pleasant weekend.

    Best regards
    The Shoe Aristo Cat