Sunday, 30 June 2013

Vass Laszlo - Model French Oxford Boot in exotic hide and calf leather

My visit to Vass Laszlo shoe ended up with a boot commissioning, a boot order, which was based on a prototype (only one shoe made - at the moment) and was on display. The boot model French-Oxford Boot was made of exotic hide (black) and calf leather also black on the Vass U-Last, no cap toe stitchings, just plain. My own will be based on the same model as the below depicted, but on Radica Cognac antiqued Oxblood colour calf leather and the uppers of a complementary suede colour and will do away with the 4 speed hooks. In addition get metal toe taps too. 
If I recall correctly the below depicted boot is about 1300 Euros as it is. A bargain, indeed. Overall I am glad that I at last did pay The Vass establishment a visit, it was worth it. If you are thinking of something special, do not hesitate to pay Vass Laszlo's shop a visit. No need to commission, just have a shoe talk. If you are lucky, you may run into the Master in person.

French-Oxford Boot in exotic and Calf hide (black on black)
The large gapping on the laces is due to not fastening them tightly, just needed the feel of the boot.
My boots will be made of a hide similar to the below, but the colour will be more Oxblood like hopefully. The below sample photo is from Style Forum, if I recall correctly this type of hide was used by John Lobb on some of their models, I think it was called Museum calf by Lobb. 
Photos sourced from me (The Shoe Aristo Cat)


  1. That leather type is dark brown museum calf, made for Lobb by ILCEA. Congratulations on your new boots!

    Head here for more info:

  2. Hi Ville,

    Thanks for the comment and the new information on the leather type. Yes I was aware that it was from the tannery ILCEA.

    Still have some weeks to wait, I am almost out off my skin with anticipation, I am really looking forward to the boot.

    Have a pleasant day.

    Best regards

    The Shoe Aristo Cat