Monday, 10 June 2013

Italian men in Summer hats - 2013

I am a huge fan of hats, I mean not baseball caps, but gentlemanly hats that makes a male person look dignified and classic. Pity that most men have settled with the usual baseball cap which is and was meant for baseball sporting events. 

I encountered the below photo of a trio in well cut Summer suits, two dark suits and a cream suit. Two of the gents paired their outfits with bow ties, that added a splash to the outfit, whilst the third gent opted for a tie. The topping of the cake is: all three are wearing Summer hats, so classically, stylistic and elegantly done.
The three Musketeers elegantly dressed in dapper Summer hats. Elegant.
After studying the photo above, I realised that the Trio was photographed back in the Winter time wearing nice cut Winter overcoats, again back then, the catch then was their elegant formal hats for the Winter. See photos here. Hopefully hats are making their slow but sure come back. A big hand to the well dressed trio making the hat a staple ingredient to their clothing arsenal and so should the rest of us.

Photo sourced from Mike Kagee


  1. Hi Wooster,

    Thanks for the statement. My point too. Hopefully many men will second us on the motion.

    Have a pleasant day my country man.

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