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Cliff Roberts, a Northampton, bespoke shoemaker

Mr. Clifford Roberts is an English independent, one man operation bespoke shoemaker, from Northampton (England). Mr. Roberts has been in the shoe making industry for decades, employed by one of the Northampton shoemakers.

Mr. Roberts has been making shoes to members of the (Style forum) and as of last year (2011) decided to go solo (independent, working from home) on the bespoke shoe making business project. As of current, Mr. Roberts has two lasts of his own, a chisel-square and a classic round last. Both lasts are elegant, stylish and very English. My favourite one is the chisel-square, as it has some Nikolaus Tuzcek over it.  

Mr. Roberts artistic rendition of the clients desire are well interpreted. I will be ordering more shoes/boots from the honourable gent.  

I am very pleased with his work and I highly recommend his services to all shoe lovers, shoe AristoCats, Shoe Snobs or just simple shoe collectors, who wish to have something special in their shoe wardrobe.

Welcome to Mr. Clifford Roberts.

My first pair of black side gussets on the making, hand work, as you can see.

The below photos were taken by Mr. Robert's wife during the making process.

 The above pair of shoes did not fit well, not Mr. Robert's fault, as I did not supply a last nor did he measure my feet. I just placed an order. A few emails went back and forth in regards to fit and adjustments, and decided to order the below galoshed oxford.

My second pair, black Balmoral two toned oxford (black & grey). The below pair was commissioned for a formal wedding. Mr. Roberts supplied the pair just in time for the wedding. Wonderful, well designed and balanced shoes.
This pair was getting closer, but still a bit of adjustments were needed here and there. Again I stress, it was not Mr. Roberts fault.

 My third pair, brown pebble grain, side gussets. In between the pair above and the below side gusset, Mr. Roberts sent me a trial pair of shoes, then some back and forth mails. We ended up with the correct approach. I left the design to Mr. Roberts, however stated what I wanted, style, pattern and in what kind of leather. A year later, the below beauties came. A very pleasant surprise.

This pair fits like a glove to a hand, so very perfect. I am happy that Mr. Roberts, spent time explaining to me what needed to be adjusted on his original last to produce a last of my own.

I am still working on the colour, I am slowly getting there. The leather is of good quality, and takes a graceful shine. All of the brown pebble photos were taken by me.

 The colour below is closer to the true colour of the shoes, still working on getting the right colour.
Cap-toe in detail
 Back part of the shoe
 The sole work of the shoes
Close up of  the chisel-square, Tuzcek style.

Balmoral boots (sourced from The Styleforum

 A Balmoral on the making

 Black and grey balmoral

 Two-toned (brown on brown) Balmoral boots

 Two-toned (black & grey) Balmoral boots with cap-toe

 Diamond cap Balmoral boots
 A tan Balmoral boot on the making

 An austerity brogue balmoral boot
Mr. Roberts has been working on a buttoned Balmoral boot for about two years for another client, I saw the pictures, beautifully done, my understanding from Mr. Roberts, is that it was time consuming. I can not show the photos of the boots here without the consent of the client and or Mr. Roberts.

All boots sourced from The Styleforum

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