Tuesday, 15 January 2013

DC Lewis Footwear - shoes made in....

About mid 2011 there was a bit of a rush and talk on Style Forum when two members of SF joined together to establish DC Lewis Footwear. At the beginning the debate was much about shoes made in countries which are not known for producing shoes at all. That is to say, for some members on the Forum, shoes had to be made in Italy, England, France, Japan or and the USA, otherwise the shoes could not be of good quality. Hmmm... However DC Lewis Footwear proved that to be wrong and they were right. Bottom line is, if the shoe is well designed, Goodyear welted, well lasted, the leather is premium leather, well made (artisanship) and rightfully priced, does it matter where they are made? Guess not in my humble opinion. But I maybe in the minority. 
Lots of men buy Ecco shoes, which are really ugly, not even "fashionable" (even if I despise fashionable things) and they are probably made in some far corner of the world unknown to us or never heard of. 
Enough of talking....and let us review and judge the offerings made by DC Lewis Footwear made in .....????

A Balmoral boot in shell cordovan

A side strapped single monk
 A quarter brogue Oxford with punched cap toe and a medallion
 A side strapped double monk in exotic leather, chisel square toe
Same shoe as above as worn by owner
 A quarter brogue spectator in two tones, leather and suede.
 A stitched cap toe Oxford in shell cordovan
Photos sourced from Style Forum

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