Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Justin FitzPatrick - Shoes

Today at last, I decided to do a blog on Mr. Justin FitzPatrick aka "The Shoe Snob", an American young gent, shoe lover and a "shoe snob", who blogs about shoes and is a bespoke shoemaker too. What is fascinating about Mr. Fitzpatrick is the fact that he packed his belongings from the USA and headed for Europe to learn the bread and craft of shoemaking from start to end, driven by the passion and love of quality shoes. He is almost reaching his goal and I wish him the best of luck in entering this lovely art of shoemaking.

I have to admit that "The Shoe Snob" is very knowledgeable about the shoe industry and very unbiased when reviewing and commenting about shoes on his blog. He has touched down on almost "all" bespoke shoemakers around the globe and shoe companies that offer ready to wear shoes, it be from unknown Central European shoemakers or new comers from Far East and Europe. He has a hawk's eye when it comes to details of the shoe, be it the last, design, leather etc. I personally appreciate his insight knowledge about shoes. Well no more tales, look at the creations and judge yourself.

I have sampled a few of "The Shoe Snob's" creations which will be available during the course of this year. Please admire some of his excellent creations.

The "Shoe Snob" Master Justin FitzPatrick in person, wearing a Gieves and Hawkes Navy double breasted overcoat, paired with whole cut loafers from his collection. I will later come back to the Gieves and Hawkes overcoat, as I have acquired one and I will do a review on this same coat.
 The Shoe Snob logo, very simple and appealing to me. It says it all.
Sample of "The Usual suspects line up", boots, oxfords, derby's, slip-ons.
A two toned Balmoral oxford boot, very cool and interesting combination of colours.
A wing tipped punched Whole cut oxford without gimping
The details of the punching, very nicely done.
A whole cut loafer with a medallion
 Side view of the loafer
A wing tipped saddle oxford, very interesting design, sober, elegant, well proportioned, nice shoe.
 Details of the wing tip saddle shoe
All photos sourced from Justin FitzPatrick.


  1. wow! this AristoCat have eyes like the eagle eye he's see so deep into his world of shoes i love his stlye

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    Thanks for your comment, it made day. As a matter of fact, my eye sight is not that good (eagle like) more like a mole in a hole. Not sure I have style, but working on it. Pleases me that you enjoyed the blog.

    Have a pleasant weekend.

    The Shoe AristoCat