Sunday, 13 January 2013

Men's hats and Overcoats at Pitti Uomo 2013

Normally I never follow the fashion trends, but I happened to take a look at the fashion gurus and the trend makers within street style clothing as seen from Pitti Uomo 2013. To my delight and surprise, I noted that men's hats and classical coats are making a come back. A good thing for the hat makers. Hopefully more men will join the army of men wearing hats. Looking forward to that.
Classical hats and overcoats, the gent (Left) in a classical double breasted (8-3) navy overcoat, bow tie and a brown Homborg hat. All three men are very classically dressed and very inspiring.
I added the below photo just as a reminder that back in the day (1930's) when things were not looking that bright, men used to dress properly even when standing in line for a job. Note the hats, caps and overcoats worn by these men.
A gent in a Pork Pie Hat, what looks like a Covert Coat/Chesterfield, double breasted stripped suit, flowered tie and a very neat and well trimmed beard. Very cool.
Three bearded men in Pork Pie hats (Man in the middle photo is Sam Lambert)
Sam Lambert (left) in a Lords Hat
Liverano and Takahiro Osaki, the latter in a beautifully cut navy blue Ulster overcoat
The back details of the above Ulster overcoat worn by Mr. Takahiro Osaki
Lino (left) in a checked half belted double breasted overcoat and a two toned monk with a kiltie.
 A gent in all shades of blue, overcoat, double breasted suit, tie, scarf and navy double monk in dark suede.
Funny hats, now this is what is called fashion, these hats remind me of pictures I have seen from the late sixties and seventies when both men and women would wear these type of hats. Since I am into classical men's clothing, I would strongly advice not to acquire this hat. Hmm ....unless you are into one of those creative businesses or you want to appease your second half. If you do get this hat, then good luck.
Photos sourced from Thrashness, Grazia ,Style Gent and Ethan Desu


  1. This men overcoat is very fashionable that is suitable for the men no matter where you are.actually all are very nice unable to select one among all...

  2. Hi Overcoats,

    Thanks for your comment. Well, I wanted most of the above coats.

    Best regards

    The Shoe Aristo Cat

  3. Thanks for posting this! I mentioned it in my write-up about 2013 Hat Trends for the Kentucky Derby.

  4. Hi MaryamLouise,

    Thanks for your comments. I do hope men will opt for real hats, instead of the usual baseball cap, which was intended for baseball games, but .....

    Have a pleasant weekend.


    The Shoe Aristo Cat

  5. Does anyone know where I could find the blue windowpane overcoat the second to guy in the second to last picture is wearing?!?