Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Downton Abbey - Men's hats

My plan was to blog the below just before Christmas but other things distracted me and was unable to do so. Now I give you this in the New Year 2013, hope you will enjoy the theme of men's hats as depicted and renditioned in Downton Abbey the series.

Downton Abbey the TV series has caught my attention by the way the male characters are depicted, being very classically, stylishly and very sartorially dressed. For the day I will focus on the men's hats selection & choice. 

Nowadays it is very rare to see men in hats (proper hats, and not baseball caps). 

The Downton Abbey series portrays the male characters it be from the top of society (Earl of Grantham) to the lower end of society (the male servants i.e. Mr. Carson or and Mr. Bates ) as sartorial gents who utilises the head gear very elegantly and very stylishly as an accessory. I hope that the series will revive and bring the men's head gear back as a staple accessory of any gent's day to day dressing and wardrobe.

Earl of Grantham, head of the Crawley family wearing different head gear, from Panama hat, Homborg hat, Top hat to country cap.
 Mr. Matthew Crawley and the Earl Of Grantham in country caps

Mr. Matthew Crawley in Homborg, country cap and Fedora
Lady Mary Crawley and Mr. Matthew Crawley in country attire
Matthew Crawley in a Homborg hat,  - holding a top hat and - wearing a Trilby hat
 Mr. Matthew Crawley and Mr. Tom Branson (left) in a Lord's hat
Mr. Tom Branson in chauffeur uniform, hat and the driving goggles.
Mr. Tom Branson in a Lord's hat with Lady Sybil Crawley
Sir Anthony Strallan in a Lord's hat and Top Hat

Sir Richard Carlisle in a Homborg hat and Fedora
Sir Richard Carlisle and Lady Mary Crawley
Dr. Richard Clarkson in a Homborg hat
Mr. Carson in a bowler hat
Mr. Bates in a Panama hat and a bowler hat
 Mr. Molesey in a bowler hat
Photos sourced from Downton Abbey WikiaPinterestFan Pop and PBS Org


  1. Thank you ever so for you post.Really thank you!

  2. You've no idea how happy I am to have found your post! I've been trying to find out the type of hat Anthony Strallan wore at the Garden Path party for months...a Lord's hat! Thanks for posting!