Friday, 4 January 2013

Yohei Fukuda shoes for the day

I am not sure, but I am in the believe that Japan as a country has more and still produces some of the talented bespoke shoemakers in the World. I have earlier mentioned Master Yohei Fukuda on this blog, but each time I look at his shoe creations then I get this itchy "wanting" to own a few of these work of art. Review and judge and you will understand why.
Master Yohei Fukuda's usual suspect line up.
From L to R ( A black stitched cap toe oxford, A tan quarter brogue oxford with a punched cap toe and a medallion, burgundy stitched Balmoral(galosh) oxford with plain toe, black wing tip brogued balmoral (galosh), a whiskey coloured three tier Derby and oxblood full brogue oxford. Yes, nice colours and polishing too. 
I would really want to own all of the six pairs, as all are well made, balanced, traditional and classical men's shoes, I could never go wrong. All bear my favourite signature of WS Foster/GJ Cleverley style, chisel square toe. The colouring...just makes you green with envy.

Below antique chestnut stitched Balmoral (galosh) with a punched cap toe, chisel square toe. Better can not be. Now I happen to own a similar creation from G&G but in a round toe(GG06), which I can not come to terms with even after four years, but my GG is more like the black galosh balmoral shoe though without the medallion on the cap toe. 
A black Balmoral (punched galosh) with a punched cap toe and a medallion, chisel square toe. Fantastic. Lovely shoe, elegant, timeless.
 Wing tip Balmoral (galosh) in Black and caramel tan. Look at the colouring of the caramel. My mouth is watering. I will have to work hard for many years to own any of these creations. Superb.
Photos sourced from Master Yohei Fukuda.

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