Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Stamp Shoes - Nicholas Cooper bespoke shoemaker

Nicholas Cooper aka "Stamp shoes" is a bespoke shoemaker situated within the heart of Northampton (England), serving clients in London and the United Kingdom. For the day I have sampled some of Master Nicholas Cooper's creations for you to review and admire.

The Balmoral button oxford boot in two tones with a medallion, made of leather and suede as renditioned by Master Cooper. As you know by now, I will never miss an opportunity to mention Balmoral button boots, as I have this fascination of the BBB.
Two toned Derby full brogue
A burgundy wing tipped oxford, I simply love this colour
 A simple Derby in reddish leather
 An Adelaide plain oxford
Photos sourced from Stamp Shoes and The Shoe Snob


  1. In my humble opinion, the zip fasteners, unfortunately, ruin the whole of that button boots.

  2. Hi Yisong Pan,

    Thanks for the comment. I do agree with you, either go for the "Full Monty" or nothing. I have seen button boots with zippers and they do not appeal to me. I am waiting for mine to be done the "Full Monty" no zippers.

    Have a pleasant day Sir.

    Best regards

    The Shoe Aristo Cat

  3. I wish some company would make a cheaper version of these because they are my favorite type of shoe but WWAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY out of my price range most likely.