Thursday, 17 January 2013

Dimitri Gomez - Paris - Shoes for the Spring & Summer

For today I have sampled some inspirational shoe creations from Master Dimitri Gomez (Parisian based bespoke boot & shoemaker) for the forth coming Spring and Summer. The shoes are mostly in brown colour variations of suede, including an interesting blueish/greyish and one in leather.
In my humble opinion all of the below shoes will be a nice complementary to a mustard /cream linen suit or cotton suit paired with a Panama hat. Do not forget the pocket squares to the suit jacket. Now, are we all set for the forth coming Spring and Summer? Hopefully yes. 

Two tier Derby in blue/greyish suede colour. Mustard linen suit will be wonderful with this pair. The colour will bring contrast to the suit. Nice shoe for the Summer no doubt.
Strapped monk in brownish suede. Hmm...
Stitched cap toe oxford in Polo suede. The contrasting laces brings the colour of shoe to it's glory.
Three tier Derby in a lighter brown shade suede. Cool.
A bowed loafer in another version of brown suede.
A loafer with a strap and a raised apron in a tan colour, pair this with any shade of blue linen suit then we are all set. Lovely loafer.
Photos sourced from For The Discerning Few


  1. Where did the aristocat go?

  2. I hope he'll come back!

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  4. He leaves us without so much as a goodbye.. Sorry to see him go.

  5. Dear Anonymous & Duccio,

    Thanks for your very touching comments, which I appreciate. Profound apologies if I have caused some distress, it was not my intent. I am here now after being away for some time and I do hope that I will continue the blog in the same spirit for you my dear readers to follow.

    I have some catch up to do, but as said I am back.

    Yours truly the Shoe Aristocat