Wednesday, 16 January 2013

St Crispins creations for the day

I have sampled for the day some in my humble opinion very interesting "MTO" made to order creations from the Viennese based Saint Crispins house. The house needs no introduction as I have mentioned them previously on this blog here.

Below we have a sand suede punched oxford boot (punched cap toe) but then the same shoe has also side elastics like a Chelsea boot. Suppose the commissioner was not sure if he should opt for an Oxford laced boot or a Chelsea. So he took both worlds. I would have left out the elastic. But that is my opinion.
I sampled the below Chelsea boot for the unique orange suede colour, just to remind me that Spring and Summer will soon come. So why not put a bit of dash and splash of colouring to compliment the sunny season.
Here is a Saddle Derby boot in brown leather and mocha suede, chisel square toe, nicely done.
A Chukka boot in tan colouring with punched initials on the outside. I have seen this trend coming, meaning shoes having visible initials. Why? Not sure. Suppose a statement of some kind from the owner.  Nice boot anyway, would do away with the visible initials. It's a tad too much for my liking.
Photos sourced from Pinterest 

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