Sunday, 13 January 2013

Left Shoe Company from Finland

Today I encountered a new shoe company from the Nordic, as you know I have lamented the lack of shoemaking in the Nordic countries here. To my very pleasant surprise I was delighted to see that a new shoemaking company is from the Nordic to be exact, Finland and they are on-line and on Face Book too. I know nothing about the company, Left Shoe Company nor their products, but according to the website they do offer Goodyear welted shoes and made to measure/order shoes.

Now that the shoes are Goodyear welted, that is a good start. Not sure if the shoes are produced in Finland or some other country. 
The models seem to be very classical shoes, oxfords, monks, Derby's, golf shoes etc. As earlier said, I know nothing of the fit, leather, durability etc of these products. Price wise they are the same as the other big players on the market.

I can only welcome The Left Shoe Company, therefore I ask you my readers to join me in welcoming the new kid on the block.

Balmoral (galosh) oxford in three variations of leather brown, black and suede.
 A full brogue two toned golf shoe
 The Balmoral oxford in brown with a cap toe
 A three tier Derby in false Crocodile leather 
 A tan single monk with a chisel squared toe
 A brown burnished whole cut with an extreme medallion
 A navy blue quarter brogue oxford with a punched cap toe and squared toe.
 A burnished tan two tier Derby shoe
 A whole cut oxford 
 A balmoral Oxford with a Cap toe, A whole cut oxford in black and a Whole cut oxford in suede with a medallion
Photos sourced from the Left Shoe Company and their Face Book profile

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