Sunday, 13 January 2013

Max from Malmö - how a big man should dress

I just blogged about Pitti 2013 (Italy) and that reminded me of a photo I sourced from the Internet (The Journal Of Style) of Max from Malmö (Sweden) whilst he was attending Pitti last year (2012). I know Max from Malmö, a big guy about 180-185 cm's in height or more. It is very seldom you see big guys dressed gracefully, elegantly and classical. Now Max is one of the few who really looks fabulous and gracious each time I see him. I blogged shortly about Max here on this blog.
Max from Malmö at Pitti in 2012, camel coloured double breasted coat, I think it is a pea coat, light blue flannel double breasted suit (4 -2) buttons, paisley tie and a double monk. Well done Max.
Photo sourced from the Internet, I just recalled where I got the photo from, The Journal of Style from Denmark. Probably Torsten was not aware that he took a picture of a fellow Nordic neighbour.


  1. Hi, it is sourced from The Journal of Style:

    I took the photo last year at Pitti. Feel free to credit me with a link.


    1. Hi Torsten,

      Sorry that I called you Carsten had to delete my response. Now that we have that in place, what I wanted to say was that it was odd as I was looking for something, then it came to my mind that the picture was sourced from you and I did update the blog at once. Just after the update I saw your comment. Thanks for making aware of that fact. I will get in touch with you as I need navy blue Overcoat buttons.

      The buttons I received from you, made my overcoats look great. Thanks for that.

      Best regards
      The Shoe Aristo Cat