Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Master Ivan The Shoe Patina Artist

For the day I have sampled some amazing colouring from Master bespoke shoe and boot maker and patina artist Master Ivan Crivellaro, whom I have mentioned here. When looking and admiring these creations, I often think would I ever wear them or just have a glass display were I would display them and admire them. Walking in these shoes would be "blasphemous" destroying the art on these creations. Surely lots of passion, artistry and man hours has been invested to create them. So lovely, words can not describe them, let the photos speak loud & clear.

Three tier Oxford in light blue and burgundish cap toe with side bones & skull embroidery and pinkish piping. Just lovely. 
 A whole cut tan Oxford with darkened cap toe and a beautiful red and black sole in art. Would you walk and destroy this lovely piece of sole work?  
Photos sourced from Master Ivan's Face Book profile


  1. Stunning, the depth of colour!

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    First and foremost wish to apologise for the late response, hope I am forgive. Thanks for your comment which says it all in a few words.

    The Shoe Aristocat