Monday, 25 June 2012

Bestetti creations - shoes of the day

I was viewing and examining Riccardo Bestetti's creations and I realised that he makes such elegant manly shoes with a very masculine touch but being beautiful and adorable. 
The shoes almost say to the viewer, "I am no nonsense guy, don't mess with me", though not being vulgar or intimidating. They send a heavy masculine sex appeal so gracefully and elegantly, appealing to you to look, adore and admire them. Shoes with a masculine sex appeal.

Calf and crocodile adelaide
Crocodile Chelsea boot
Crusted leather Norwegian derby
 Chukka Boot
Calf and Crocodile quarter brogue, now that is a heavy duty shoe, so elegant.
 Whole cut black crocodile oxford 
All shoes sourced from Riccardo Bestetti

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