Sunday, 3 June 2012

The Homborg Hat

Two days ago I was in a second hand shop looking for a Homborg hat, to my dismay did find at least three hats but none in my size. For nearly a year I have been playing with the thought of acquiring a Homborg hat, which I consider a very formal, classic, stylish and elegant and a very useful accessory to accompany a well dressed gent during the Winter period.

I know some will say "why not get a baseball cap"? Pardon my French, the baseball cap is what everyone wears and it is meant for sporting and not to pair with stylish, elegant, classic clothing. Same as trainers belong to the gym. 

I mourn and lament to the long gone era when men wore hats like the Homborg and held walking sticks or umbrellas.  

Lost me? Will help you out...
The Homborg hat by Gentleman's Gazette a well written article about the history of the Homborg. 
An illustration of a well dressed gent wearing a Homborg hat.
The English Royalty who made the Homborg hat popular
 King Edward (middle) wearing a Homborg hat - 
King Edward wearing a Homborg
Lord Anthony Eden wearing a Homborg and accompanied by spouse
Lord Anthony Aden wearing a Homborg Hat and a Chesterfield Coat
Hugo Resinger holding a Homborg (a painting)
Sir Winston Churchill wearing a Homborg
Konrad Adenauer and Willy Brandt wearing Homborg hats
Mr. Cary Grant holding a Homborg hat, three piece suit and DB Overcoat
Al Pacino in the Godfather wearing a Homborg hat

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