Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Saint Crispins-shoes of the week

Saint Crispins based in Vienna (Austria) is the new kid on the block of "Bespoke" shoemaking in Austria.  Note that Vienna has several well respected shoemakers, for example the venerable Scheer, Materna, Maftei (also a new comer), Petkov, just to name a few.
The company was first registered in 1992. Saint Crispins do produce some very elegant, classic styled shoes for their clients. Since 1992 SC has provided shoes to an international clientele of gents. 

Below you will see some very interesting colours and well made shoes. I want to own all. 
Norwegian saddle derby in blue and brown
Blue loafers with lighter blue strings
 A chiseled double monk
 A blue crocodile monk
 A derby boot that can match Berluti (art sketches)
 A tricolour brogue balmoral boot, interesting
 The artistic sole with owner initials

All pictures are sourced from Claymoor who interviewed Mr. Phillip Car of SC

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