Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Japanese Bespoke Shoemaker (Clematis Ginza)

On my journey of finding more bespoke shoemakers, I found Clematis Ginza, another Japanese Bespoke shoemaker. At first I thought it was about the plant "Clematis", could not see any connection to shoemaking.
From the looks Clematis-Ginza produces  well designed, elegant and stylish shoes that are timeless and classic. The shoes are European inspired, probably English shoemakers have left their mark on Clematis-Ginza, but I maybe mistaken. Anyway...
Look at the below shoes and judge for yourself.
Two toned balmoral boot
 Brogued side gusset
 Brogued side gusset sole
 Whole cut side gusset in suede
 Two toned strapped loafer
 Whole cut oxford 
 Winged full brogue
 Sole of the winged full brogue
All pictures sourced from Clematis Ginza

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