Monday, 11 June 2012

The Paddock overcoat

A friend asked me today, why am I writing about a winter coat in the middle of summer. Well, as I said, I need a formal, classical and stylish coat, so it is now I have to commission one and not in the middle of winter. That will be too late. 
This brings me back to the Paddock coat, as my favourite, however not sure that I can get a tailor that can do the job (right) for me. Look at the below pictures and you will understand why.

Paddock Overcoat from the front 
Paddock Overcoat from the back
This type of coat as you can see, it is not an everyday sighting, look at the pleated rear vents and the double cuff on the sleeves. I consider this coat to be the ultimate formal overcoat.

Well, my second choice could be this great Ulster Coat as shown below with fur(astrakhan wool) on the collar, again, who can make this for me? Both coats are majestic in my humble opinion. What do you think?

A third option which is accessible is the King's coat, more about that next time.

Pictures sourced from the Internet.

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