Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The Guild of Craft - Japanese Bespoke shoemakers

The Guild of Craft - Japanese Bespoke Boot and Shoemaker
When talking about bespoke shoemakers we tend to to talk about a craft that is "only" making shoes for the men, however that is not true. Any respectable shoemaker can make shoes for our better half too. So gents, when bespeaking your shoes, do not forget the Lady.
In my quest for the Japanese bespoken shoes, I came across the Guild of Craft a Japanese bespoke boot and shoe maker. The depicted items below are from an exhibition in France by the Guild.
Look at those ladies boot and shoes, feminine, sex appealing, refined, delicate, sensible, teasing, soft, tender, add all the positive adjectives you wish. 
Back row of the below picture second pair ( a Balmoral Boot in Suede) next to it a whole cut monk. Ouch. 
Line up, both Lady and Gent shoes.  
A candy shop for the kids
A Casual slip-on
 The Floor traders negotiating
 The Goodies, a Jodpur, side laced, a monk, a slip-on
 The Sole as renditioned by the Guild of Craft
 More floor trading, negotiating and documenting the beauties
Pictures sourced from The Guild Blog

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