Friday, 22 June 2012

American Heritage - Bespoke Vintage Shoes

Let me wish you all a very pleasant Mid Summer, here in Sweden (especially) Mid Summer is more celebrated than Christmas. 
For today, I found this hidden gems, pearls from the time when the U. S. of America was on the same league as Europe when it came to bespoke shoes. Unfortunately today, the bespoke shoemaking has dwindled and some of the greatest American bespoke shoemakers gone into oblivion and an era of good shoe making gone forever.

Shoe AristoCats, shoe lovers & collectors from all over the world, the below depicted beauties can be acquired as they are for sale. Our American Shoe AristoCats may wish to keep these American heritage beauties on American soil.

Enjoy your Mid Summer celebration.
Below Navy blue and white full brogue spectators from Nettleton
Nunnbush brown & white full brogue spectators
Johnston & Murphy Kiltie tassel spectator loafer
Hanover Imperial wingtip spectator brogues

All pictures sourced from Etsy where these products are for sale.

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