Saturday, 9 June 2012

I need a Winter Overcoat - which should be?

I need a Winter Overcoat, just can not make my mind after realising that an Overcoat, Top coat can be so many things. Today the most common overcoat is a Chesterfield, if one lives in the UK or a double breasted wool coat. Most men will settle for engineered garments of some synthetic material to cover their suits or tuxedos when venturing out even for very formal occasions. Ah... I get distressed.

But for years until maybe the mid sixties, mens classic Winter coats came in different styles and cuts depending on the occasion to be used on.

Currently, I have two Chesterfields (navy & black), and a covert coat, which are not for the Full Monty occasion, therefore the need for a full monty classic overcoat.Below picture by style illustrator Mr. Fellow, depicts three classical "English" top coats, the Ulster, Guards coats and on the left a reversible coat.
A Chesterfield below as worn by Lord Anthony Eden. A beautiful coat, however not that majestic.
A Guards coat or "Kings coat" as Crombie names it (left)
What about a Paddock coat, the ultimate formal coat (right)
Well, well, could also settle for a Camel Polo coat as HRH The Prince of Wales below
Pictures sourced from the Internet.

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