Wednesday, 27 June 2012

For the Summer - A Panama hat (from Ecuador)

A must have accessory for the Summer is a Panama hat. Despite the name, genuine Panama hats are made in Ecuador, and not in Panama. The hats are from fine weaved leaves palm or also known Carludovia palmata. In Ecuador the hats are better known as sombrero de paja toquilla. 

To read more about this magnificent legendary summer hat look for the book; Panama: A legendary Hat

For all true Shoe Aristo Cats, shoe lovers and shoe collectors the Panama hat is a must have for the Summer, so forget about the baseball caps that are seen all over and worn by men of all ages. Let us keep it classic, stylish and elegant when protecting us from the Sun.

A Panama Hats Ad from 1902
An illustration of a Panama hat from Esquire magazine from the 1930's
 Sir W. Churchill holding a Panama hat
President Roosevelt in a Panama hat
 Prince Phillip of England wearing a Panama Hat
Sir Sean Connery in a Panama hat
 Peter O' Toole wearing a Panama Hat

All pictures sourced from the Internet.

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