Friday, 29 June 2012

Summer outfits as seen by Laurence Fellows

When looking at Laurence Fellows illustrations of men in summer outfits from the thirties and forties, you clearly see well dressed men, in stylish, elegant and classic clothing for almost all occasions during the summer.

 The pictures below depict well dressed men from shorts to less formal clothing at the beach or boat clubhouse, be it enjoying a cocktail with friends, colleagues, associates or even business partners or just relaxing and cooling off during the heat of the day. Pictures clearly show that men took a quick look at the mirror before exiting their doors. Hmmm. I lament those days....

I wish men of the day would put a little effort in their appearances and looks, instead of the dreadful, appalling hanging baggy shorts or trousers, showing their under garments, be it briefs or under shirt (tee shirt) in the middle of town. 
Please, appropriate clothing for the occasion and I wish not to see any under garments where not appropriate. 
Pictures sourced from the Internet

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