Thursday, 7 June 2012

Ramalhoni Shoes from Portugal

It is not much one hears news from Portugal, once a great seafarer nation. It is almost as the country is non existent, hardly any news about Portugal in the Nordic. But I stumbled over a "Bespoke Shoemaker" from Portugal, Miguel Ramalhao the owner and creator of the Ramalhoni a shoe creator and style blogger. I know nothing about this brand, however Miguel offers Goodyear welted shoes too + MTO. Production time is about 15 days from order and the pricing is very reasonable and they ship world wide. I thought, why not bring Portugal back into the spotlight as they deserve that.
A double monk bootie
 A brogued derby country boot
 A single strap monk, everyone is on the double and tripple monks these days
 A double monk 
 Tassel loafer

All pictures sourced from Miguel Ramalhoni 


  1. Hi , thanx so much for the post.
    Check this out to lear a little bit more about the brand :
    If you have any questions fell free to ask at


    Miguel Ramalhao

  2. Hi Miguel,

    You are welcome Sir. I will come to you once I have queries, not only about your shoe production, but other offerings from your country.

    The Shoe AristoCat