Monday, 11 June 2012

The Winter Overcoat debate

It seems I have got myself in a jam, in my quest for the ultimate formal, classical Winter overcoat. In a discussion with my dear friend, who knows more about classic men's clothing than I do, pointed out to me that a Polo Coat is not formal even if GQ says so.
Below depicted third coat (Polo) is meant to be classical and formal by GQ, including a Chesterfield, fourth from left. My friend goes hmmmm.....not sure what that means.
Well, advisor points out that a Polo coat can not be formal, as it was meant for sporting (Polo), and he points out to HRH The Prince Of Wales, who wears this coat when doing something "not so formal". Alright.....Now I get the point...but...wait a second
Or when the Prince Of Wales goes .....with a walking stick
I thought I did understand, but I got lost when, I saw the below pictures of a Camel coloured coat and looking formal, not ├╝ber but still formal. I am not quite certain if I can spot the discrepancy between below and above. Can you? 

As far I can spot, the Polo coat is with patch pockets and loose fitted than what HRH is wearing, though it may be in an informal circumstance, the coat looks great. Eh..did I miss something. Someone, please spell it out for me. I am getting a bit frustrated. To me it's an Ulster in Camel wool. Help me out...

Pictures sourced from the Internet and GQ from the UK

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