Saturday, 9 June 2012

Prince Charles - Britain's best dressed man

Prince Charles has been voted Britain's  best dressed man for a number of years, how so? Look at his impeccable, classy, elegant & stylish dressing from when he was young to his mature years. He did find his own style of dressing. In his younger years the Prince of Wales was a gent of single breasted suits, later he switched to double breasted suits and I think the transformation is elegant. Hail the Prince of Wales.

Below father and son in single breasted suits, white pocket square. Both have their one hand in the jacket pocket. A trademark to be for His Royal Highness Prince of Wales.
HRH Prince of Wales looking dapper after a night club visit. Note the hand in the pocket 
HRH Prince of Wales hand in pocket again, I am starting to wonder what is in the pocket.
HRH Prince of Wales in a dinner jacket, again hand in pocket
Visiting brownies, hand going for the pocket. Brown in town. Yes, can be done, when you are the Prince of Wales and visiting brownies.
A social chit chat with Streisand, note the hand in pocket again
Prince of Wales, dressed in Prince of Wales cloth. Something in that pocket, need to know what that is. Any ideas?

The transition to double breasted suiting, paired with loafers. Perfect.
 The Prince of Waled cycling in a double breasted suit. Love the bike 
 The Prince of Wales in his Camel coat, look at the french cuff on the coat, a detail only on bespoke clothing.
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