Monday, 25 June 2012

Formal Shoes for a Gent

It seems I am in collision with some Gents regarding the ultimate formal shoes for weddings, black tie arrangements, the Opera or and Theatre. Not many men wear Opera pumps today, but many will settle for the patent leather shoes for formal wear, which is appropriate and acceptable. 
When commissioning formal shoes for weddings, Opera, Theatre or even black tie events, then I would suggest having a shoe that can be re-used many a times, such as the earlier (blog) mentioned black whole cut oxford. When silk ribbon laces are added to the shoe, then it is a very formal shoe for the black tie event, wedding, Theatre and or Opera. 

Below is a bespoke pump or Opera shoes from Carreducker. No doubt this is the Ultimate evening shoe for black tie event, wedding or Opera.
The pump paired with silk stockings. Nothing beats that.
Now the above will only be used mainly for the aforementioned events and indoors, as the construction of the shoe is very light.  Personally I am not much for patent leathered shoes, but many Gents do own patent leathered shoes for formal occasions, so why not pair the patent leather with silk ribbon laces to give that little pinch of spicing. 
Now, I mention the black whole cut oxford as the ultimate formal shoe especially when paired with silk ribbon laces. If I had to own and only have one essential pair of shoes, I would opt for a black whole cut oxford, because it can be used for almost any occasion, from formal to informal. 
On the other hand, the pump and the patent leather shoes can only be used for the evenings, weddings, black tie assemble, theatre and or Opera. 
So why not have a shoe that is versatile and can be reused depending on the occasion. 
Imagine adding a silk ribbon lace to the below whole cut. Ultimate wow.....for the Opera, Theatre, wedding, black tie event. Same shoe with normal laces becomes just an oxford for business.

Below a black whole cut by Gaziano & Girling from the Deco range.
Pictures sourced from CarreduckerGaziano & Girling and the Internet.

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