Thursday, 28 June 2012

For the day - Pierre Corthay Shoes

The French boot & shoe bespoke shoemakers are one of a kind. For the day I have to mention Mr. Pierre Cortay French Bespoke boot & shoemaker. His renditions of shoes/boots are like products made for a Royal court. His patina and colouring of the shoe hide has no match, some are truly bold but very elegant, tasteful and stylish. They may not be a the preferred cup of tea for some English gents, but...alas they are beautiful, look and judge for yourself.
The "court shoemaker" Mr. Pierre Cortay 
A blue whole cut oxford, wow looking.
 Two tier orange derby, bold but interesting choice of colour
 Red two tier derby
 Three tier Derby in an amazing patina
 A boring Chelsea boot compared to the other shoes above
 A Chukka Boot in a beautiful burgundy brown patina
 A normal brown three tie wing cap toed derby
Pictures sourced from the internet (different sources)