Thursday, 13 September 2012

A 1900-1910 Peal Vintage Balmoral buttoned boot

For today I have picked up an old two toned buttoned balmoral boot from Peal the English bespoke shoemaker, the company closed in 1965. 

 "Peal and Co were founded in 1565 and were the oldest-established and most successful makers in the World, employing up to 200 staff. The firm was established in Durham and moved to Derby in 1765, reaching London in 1791. In 1953 Peal bought their Oxford Street neighbours, Bartley and Son, inheriting their Boot and Fox emblem and moved to Wigmore Street in 1958. The business closed early in 1965, when the family decided that lack of family succession, a declining trade and shortage of skilled staff made closure their best option. The closure of Peal and Co was very helpful to the remaining shoemakers in London including Foster and Son, who acquired two important assets, the boot and fox emblem and Terry Moore.The Peal family had an excellent reputation as innovators, and developed a semi-mechanised production method (not used by us) by which a last hand-made by Terry (Terry Moore last maker at Foster and Son )and his colleagues could be duplicated up to 8 times on a copying lathe. The pattern-cutting was done by hand, but the making itself was done in a large works in Shepherds Bush to increase productivity. The unique Peal "easy exit" last was very suitable for riding boots and slippers. Terry brought many of the Peal lasts with him to 83 Jermyn Street and today our collection of old Peal lasts are retained as a valuable reference point for certain styles of riding boots and slippers for which they where particularly suited". 

Here is a vintage two toned Balmoral buttoned boot from about 1900-1910, in brown (tan/chestnut) and white calf hide, punched cap toe, a single sole and seven functional buttons. Even for its age the boot has a nice patina and shows that it was well kept and cared for by the owner. It is a very stunning & beautiful boot. 

Peal & Co (England) Buttoned Balmoral boot from 1900-1910
Terry Moore (last maker extraordinaire) and his "brood" - Emma, Emiko and Kasia.

Pictures sourced from the Internet, Style forum and Peal's history from Ask Andy About Clothes.


  1. I have inheirted a pair I really do not know what they are called they have PEAL& CO.487.OXFORD ST.LONDON on them and a number100389 side buttons can send a picture.

    1. Hi I am really interested in your boots. Could you possibly show me some pictures if you still have. Thanks.

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