Monday, 10 September 2012

Monks by Saint Crispins of Vienna

Saint Crispins of Vienna has made some wonderful monks, singles and doubles for many a clients around the Globe. I have earlier brought your attention (here on this blog) to this relatively new comer on the block (bespoke shoemaking) who shows such dedication, passion, respect for shoemaking traditions and paying great attention to the art of bespoke shoemaking. No doubt their products are very elegant and timeless. 
Here I give you a compilation of their monk renditions in various lasts, colours and hides.
Monks renditions as seen by Saint Crispins of Vienna.

Double monk, Russian reindeer leather
Double monk Russian reindeer leather
 Double monk in navy suede
 Double monk in green suede
 Double monk in green calf leather
 Double monk in black calf leather
 Double monk in black calf, screw driver last (squared chisel toe) - love the squared chisel toe
 Brown calf strapped monk
 Brown suede strapped monk
Blue crocodile strapped monk
Natural suede strap monk

Single strap monk bootie in black calf leather
 Single strap monk bootie in tan calf leather

 Pictures sourced from Pinterest

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