Friday, 14 September 2012

Vass the shoe master from Budapest

For the weekend I have compiled a sample of different boots from the well reputed bespoke shoemaker from Budapest (Hungary), Mr. Vass Laszlo
If I am not mistaken the company was founded in 1978 by Vass Laszlo Sr. offering ladies bespoke shoes and at a later time (1980's) ventured into men's shoes.

The first shoe artisan from behind the "Iron Curtain" to make a big name and success in the Western hemisphere after the tearing down of the "Wall".  Master Vass is loyal to the Astro-Hungarian shoemaking traditions and art and that can be seen in all of his offered products, be it ready to wear, made to order or bespoke services.
Mr. Vass Laszlo with a pair of his creation
Mr. Vass posing with some of his creations
"Hand made shoes for men" a book by Mr. Vass Laszlo.
Photos sourced from eBay and Haszonkulcs

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