Sunday, 9 September 2012

Carmina - Balmoral boots

As Summer is slowly ending and Fall starting a gent has to think of the heavier foot wear for the coming seasons (Fall and Winter). I have in mind an oxford ankle balmoral boot offered by Carmina (Spain), whom I blogged about here.

Carmina offers both ready to wear and made to order shoes and boots for gents and these come in a variety of lasts, colours and hide. When going made to order option the sky is the limit. My attention is on the model 80092 which is the balmoral boot with a punched cap toe and stitchings on the balmoral part, instead of punching and gimping (brogueing). The ready to wear boot is on the Forest last, which is a round last, classical, elegant and very stylish and comes in three colours (two versions of brown calf leather), including the suede version below.

Carmina model 80092 Balmoral boot in suede - Forest last - ready to wear about €400 (Euros)
Carmina model 80092 in black and brown shell cordovan, made to order versions. 
Carmina model 80092 - round last (Forest) and made to order - Navy shell cordovan and Danite sole, nice touch and the navy shell cordovan is stunning. This is the ultimate dress boot for the Nordic gents to cope with the Nordic weather. This version of the model 80092 is simply beautiful. Have no words for it. Amazing.
Carmina model 80092 in two tone (leather and suede) - made to order.
Pictures sourced from Carmina, Style Forum, The Shoe Snob and Tumblr

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