Thursday, 13 September 2012

Winter overcoat debate part II

I enjoy the Fall and Winter seasons very much as it is the time for the coats to come out and have their glory. I have earlier brought the overcoat topic up, here, as I was not sure which style of overcoat I should decide on. But after searching the Internet and debating with sartorial gents, I concluded that a Guards coat and or double breasted Astrakhan coat will be best for me at the moment. My inspiration comes from the below pictures of the named coats. The Astrakhan overcoat I find it very royal and majestic, the coat will be used for formal activities such as a visit to the Opera, black tie events, whilst the Guards overcoat will be for complimenting suits on special occasions. Not a day to day wear as I have other coats for that.

I will be in receipt of the Guards coat in about three weeks from now. The coat is a navy blue colour and a very heavy wool cloth.

Duke of Kent seen below wrapped up in an Astrakhan furred overcoat, holding a top hat, and accompanied by Princess Marina. 
The late Duke of Windsor's (Edward the VIII) Astrakhan overcoat

The Late Duke of Windsor's Guards overcoat, eight buttons - four buttoning, clearly shows the direct link to the Royal Navy Great Overcoat though without the brass buttons, epaulettes and rank distinction on the arms and shoulders. 

HRH Prince Charles  seen wearing a a double breasted Guards coat in navy blue, six buttons - four buttoning. I like the posture - very majestic - indeed,
All pictures sourced from the Internet

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