Friday, 14 September 2012

Shoeshine for the boots and shoes around the Globe

As weekend is on the doorstep, for a bit of leisure time a gent can use some relaxing hours polishing the Spring & Summer shoes so they can be tacked away safely in wooden shoetrees for the next Spring and Summer season. If not having the time to do so, there is the option of getting a shoeshine service in the nearby as depicted  on the below photos from around the Globe. Men taking care of their shoes to look good and elongate the life time of the so cherished footwear.

Hope you all have a pleasant weekend.

A gent getting his two toned balmoral button boots shined (USA)
A shoeshine in 1941 (England)
Shoeshine line up in Israel (1910)
Men lining up for a shoeshine in Dohuk (Iraq)
Shoeshine Alexandria (Egypt)
Shoeshine Havana (Cuba)
Shoeshine Lissabon (Portugal)
Shoeshine Harlem (USA) 1936
All pictures sourced from the Internet

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