Friday, 21 September 2012

Hidden gems - Master Antonio Meccariello Calzoleria shoes

Yesterday I mentioned hidden gems found at Style Forum by Antonio25. In the meantime I did exchange courtesies with Mr. Antonio and found out that there are more hidden pearls, appetite awakening arts of work from him. I received pictures of these "hidden" precious "stones" from Master Antonio today. And I have sampled a few on this blog to let you view, decide and judge the artwork, craftsmanship, energy, dedication and love of the art of shoemaking put into these lovely and beautiful creations of classical, stylish and elegant male shoes. Thanks for the pictures Master Antonio.

Well gents, just to tease your appetite for the weekend....a few pictures from Master Antonio who is based in Italy, and offers his creations in different welting techniques, such as Goodyear, Bentivegna, or Norvegese. My understanding is that he uses good quality premium hide and the shoes are offered at a very competitive and attractive price range. 

Have a pleasant weekend.

A black oxford with a special made cap toe, the decoration's name I am unable to name, but the very squared chisel toe is very elegant. The shoe is well done and can be part of a any classic shoe wardrobe.
 Master Antonio displays craftsmanship work on a winged tip single monk's welt, which is well done and balanced. A beautiful rendition of a medallion on the cap toe and wing tip brogueing. The patina of the shoe is calling for the Autumn season, well done. Country monk? Yes, good to go for the country side and very appealing for the season.
A wing tip Chelsea boot with an antique patina of brown and tan, the shoe last and brogue is similar to the monk above, but the patina on the Chelsea takes a darker shade. I like the proportions of both shoes.
A wing tip Derby with a very squared toe, beautiful patina. 
 A Norwegian Derby with a a massive welt construction and very well done antique patina in dark brown. Well proportioned shoe and very heavy duty.
 Close up of a toe cap showing the welting technique
A beautiful tan coloured Oxford shoe with very interesting decorations. Shoe seems to be a whole cut on a very rounded last and Goodyear welted.
Photos sourced from Master Antonio  his site.

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