Thursday, 13 September 2012

Inspirational Winter overcoats

As inspiration for the coming cold weather, a good looking, classical, well tailored an fitted overcoat is needed by any gent who cares about his looks and clothing and mostly to keep warm in a stylish manner.
It can be discussed as how many coats does a gent need? I am not sure about that, but a Chesterfield, a Guards coat a Polo and an Ulster overcoat could do for the basic wardrobe. (Follow here)
When bespeaking a coat the styles can vary, be it a Polo double breasted, furred, Ulster, Guards, Paletot, Paddock, Chesterfield overcoat etc. The fitting of the coat, material and silhouette matters. The coat must bring out the masculinity of the wearer, not be bulky but fitted and refined.

As the dear reader will note that the below pictures depicts men who have managed to bring their masculine side out even when wrapped and packed up in heavy cloth, they still manage to look very good, classical, stylish and pleasing to the eye of the viewer.

The below picture depicts an elderly gentleman on his way to "business" wearing a furred coat with a hat. 
Gents in Italy dressed in double breasted camel overcoats
 Italian tailored checked tweed double breasted coat with turned cuffs
 An Italian gent wearing a dashing red coat
Sir Cecil Beaton(CBE) with Greta Garbo taking a walk about town. Sir Beaton wearing a navy Chesterfield overcoat and a Homborg hat.
 Sir Cecil Beaton with Greta Garbo. Sir Beaton in a Guards overcoat.
Sir Beaton in a light coloured Chesterfield overcoat with a velvet collar, wearing a black attire ensemble with pumps (Opera shoes).
Below coats are just for inspiration as they are all modern coats that can be bespoken with your tailor. Green double breasted overcoat

 Italian cut double breasted Ulster in tweed
 Another Ulster coat from Italy but in navy
 Grey Herringbone Paddock overcoat. If you look at the back of the coat (mirror view) you will note that the back of the coat is pleated on the sides. In Navy this is the ultimate formal coat.
 Camel coloured Ulster overcoat note the french cuff on the sleeves. 
 HRH Prince Charles in a double breasted Polo coat - note all men around him including his sons are in very dark coloured overcoats.
All photos sourced from the Internet

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