Friday, 7 September 2012

Nettleton's from the USA - lamenting an era lost

As a shoe lover, I have to go backwards in time to find out what the old shoe masters or companies created to get a clue of what was made and what I desire. Now from time to time under my quest, I do happen to come across long forgotten companies, gems, shoe masters who once roamed and conquered the art of shoe making. In my quest I came across "The Nettleton Shoe Company", but then I realised that I had seen some of their creations and products earlier in my life as a kid. My favourite shoe from this company (not knowing) was the Norwegian split toe. Currently I own three pairs from Alden (one black cordovan, one shell 8 cordovan and a suede (my favourite)). As a kid I thought that Nettleton was called "need a ton", as the owner of these wonderful shoes nicknamed them "need a ton" and it was a pair of split Norwegian in two tones. So it's easy to understand my excitement  when I found this beauties and the real company name on the net. 
An ad from Nettleton from about 1909 - two toned balmoral boot. 

Below text taken from the Internet (Japanese blog here):
Nettleton shoe company (USA) 
A.E. Nettleton Company, founded here in 1879, considered its product to be the Rolls Royce of footwear. The company designed and introduced the Loafer in 1937. Since then this shoe has become classic American footwear.Nettleton has produced footwear for over a 100 years. The Wright brothers, Theodore Roosevelt, and Charles Lindbergh are few of the famous people who wore Nettleton ShoesNETTLETON COMPANY SLOGAN..."AMERICAS SLOWEST MADE SHOE"....THE COMPANY HAD/HAS A SELLAR REPUTATION. IT PROVIDED FINE MEN'S STORES IN THE US WITH HANDMADE SHOESTHE COMPANY STARTED IN 1879-1984....SYRACUSE, NEW YORK...IN 1990 THEY RESUMED BUSINESS WHEN THE NAME WAS BOUGHT BY A DIFFERENT COMPANY!!U.S. Shoe AddsPublished: December 29, 1984The United States Shoe Corporation said it had agreed to acquire the brand name Nettleton for men's footware and certain other assets of the A.E. Nettleton Company. Terms were not disclosed. It said the Nettleton brand footwear would be manufactured by its men's division in Beloit, Wis.

A simple Norwegian split toe in whiskey colour. 

One Eye let Tan Norwegian split toe in tan colour
Norwegian split toe in two tones Crocodile and Suede, this was the combination I saw as a kid and was  very up taken by this shoe. I personally think, it is the best rendition of of a Norwegian derby. Amazing rendition.
Nettleton did not only offer RTW but also bespoke offerings, below it is a rendition of a bespoke strapped loafer made of sea turtle from about 1960's. Very astonishing shoes. 
View each picture, look at the details and admire. Some is selling this pair on the internet and as you can see, they are pristine.

Pictures sourced from the Internet

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