Friday, 7 September 2012

Mr. Beppe Modenese - Italian style icon

Each time I see a photo of Mr. Beppe Modenese, I am astounded by the way he assembles his clothing, the suit, tie, shirt, pocket square and the colour combinations. The more photos I saw of Mr. Modenese, I wondered what his occupation is / was ?  From the outfits and assembling of the clothing, he could not just be another well dressed senior citizen. And guess what......? I found out that Mr. Modenese is the founder of the Milan fashion week. So in short he has learned the bread and butter craft of style, elegant dressing from the core.
I simply adore the way Mr. Modenese gets the whole attire functioning with such ease, coolness as if no special attention is paid to the little details that makes the whole look complete and satisfactory to the viewer.

I found the below article from RoGallery about Mr. Modenese
Beppe Modenese began his working life with Giovanni Batitista Giorgini's Store "Ridotto" at the same time with a fashion and furnishings televsion program, for ten year.s.
He became a leader in fashion shows organization than PR for th American cosmetic concern, Estee Lauder (1960-1966) and then for Coco Chanel cosmetics. He created and organized "Moda Parma" (1968 - 191). He has been PR and Press Office of "IdeaComo" since 1977 and of "Ideabiella". In 1978 he created the cfashion show "Modit" then he became the head of the Press Office of Milano Collezioni.
He created many other important fashion shows. From 1985 to 1990, he was a consultant for Rinascente, member of the Presidential team at the Milan Fair and qualified as an ainternational judge for the Fashion Foundation of Tokyo. In 1986, he designed a collection of jewelry for Faraone, Milan. Artistic director PR for the five star hotel chain Four Season, Bugatti, the Girombelli Group, Etro, and Aneta. 

Below are pictures of Mr. Modenese dressed as always very elegantly, classic style, impeccable and very timeless. I simply adore the use of the safety pin to hold the tie. A sartorial dna for Mr. Modenese. Very cool.
Photos sourced from The Sartorialist and Zimbio


  1. The most elegant man on the planet. Period.

    Mark E. Seitelman

  2. Mr. Seitelman,

    Thanks for your comment. I agree with you that Mr. Modenese is a true style icon.

    The Shoe Aristocat