Thursday, 13 September 2012

Cliff Roberts - Bespoke Button Balmoral Boots and more

Master Cliff Roberts has made a beautiful rendition of a buttoned balmoral boot which can be seen below. I can not stop mentioning that I am sold when it comes to balmoral boots, especially the buttoned ones. What is interesting about Master Cliff's pieces is that all are commissioned by clients who heard about him from the net or mouth to mouth service. 
The beauty and endless options of bespeaking a pair of shoes/boots is: the client decides the last, select the leather and colour, decoration (medallion, brogue, punching, gimping, sole type and more) and the style (monk, oxford, derby, whole cut etc.) of the shoe/boot. Master Cliff has two lasts, a square chisel and a round last. However he accommodates if and when the client brings his/her favourite last along. Not many bespoke shoemakers accommodate for that.

As mentioned earlier on this blog (here), Master Cliff is a "One Man bespoke operation" ala Eric Cook, which means it takes time to get the product out of his hands, but this is true of most artisans who work solo. As said, a one man operation, but the end product is amazing and worth the waiting process.
For those gents who are into exotic leathers, you can see his work here which was a gift for his son. 

A punched cap toe two toned button balmoral boot in black and dove grey suede. These are working buttons and not sham, please note that.
A two toned buttoned balmoral boot (black and grey suede), the shoe on the left is a pigskin punched cap toe oxford also on the squared chisel toe.
 A brown on brown (leather and suede) laced balmoral boot (square chisel toe). I am in favour of the side seams punched and gimped instead of simple stitching as on the above boot. 
 A black leather and cream suede laced balmoral boot on the square chisel toe.

Photos sourced from Master Cliff Roberts

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