Saturday, 8 September 2012

Crockett and Jones - Balmoral Boot - Somerville

Crockett and Jones of Northampton (England) has produced another Balmoral boot named the Somerville, a Hand Grade boot on the 363 last (more rounded toe). The boot is similar to the Avebury which is on the 337 last (soft square chiselled toe). The Somerville comes in black and chestnut, however two toned (leather and suede) can be found.

I am very fond of Balmoral boots, therefore I could not resist the temptation not mention the Somerville from C&J. I have two pairs of Balmoral boots, the Avebury from C&J and a two toned Canterbury from Gaziano and Girling on the (GG06 Last). 

The difference between the Somerville and Avebury is: Avebury is a punched cap toe boot, whilst Somerville is a straight stitched cap toe shoe/boot.
Avebury on the 337 Last (Chestnut) - punched cap toe - Style Forum (Holland)
Somerville on the 363 Last, straight stitched cap toe (Chestnut) - C&J site
 Somerville in black calf leather - C&J site

 The stitched cap toe (without punching) on the Somerville - C&J site
The channeled sole of both the Avebury and Somerville (trademark for the C&J Hand Grades) - C&J site
Two toned Somerville after a good shine handling (leather and suede) - The Shoe Snob

 Two toned Somerville - leather and suede (black and purple), below babies go for about €590 (Euros) in France - Upper Shoes
Pictures sourced from Crockett and Jones, Style Forum, The Shoe Snob and Upper Shoes (France).

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