Monday, 10 September 2012

WS Foster and Son - Bespoke shoe designs

W. S. Foster and Son bespoke boot and shoemaker in London is the lesser known and appreciated bespoke boot & shoemaker. I find it difficult to comprehend that "The Shoemakers' shoemaker" is overlooked. A shame as the company produces some very spectacular designs. I have on this blog touched down on the Forster and Son house here. The house of Forster and Son do from time to time bring in very unique and extra ordinary designs which are well balanced and also appealing to the viewer.

In 2012 Forster and Son introduced the below bespoke peaked cap - two toned oxford in burgundy/cream and blue/cream suede. This shoe resembles the 1920's era. It is a beauty.
Below a bespoke three tier derby old design which has been modified and twicked a bit here and there to bring the below new version.
An old design "The Thomas" bespoke curved balmoral oxford which was revived by Mr. Charlie Watts the legendary Rolling stones drummer. This design is very unique, so well done.
A bespoke loafer in crocodile.
 A wing tipped bespoke monk with brogue and inner gimping - faded black

 A red bespoke crocodile oxford square chisel toe last
Ready to wear two tier derby with tassel laces, as simple as it can get -on the 888 Last from Edward Green.
Well, I would not blog without mentioning side gussets or Balmoral boots. Forster and Son do offer a Balmoral boot in ready to wear, the Montrose it is on the 337 C&J Last.
Montrose Balmoral boot in ready to wear, calf leather - chestnut.
 Montrose in Black and grey (Calf leather and suede
Side gusset "The Fitzwilliam" also ready to wear, based on the 888 Edward Green last.

All pictures sourced from W. S. Foster and Son

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