Thursday, 20 September 2012

Hidden gems from Style Forum 2012 - Mr. Antonio25

It was some time since I last visited Style forum and as I was browsing through the shoe threads and forums when I came across a gent named Antonio25. According to Mr. Antonio25, he has worked for Kiton and Rubinacci, which are both Italian houses offering high-end men's clothing and shoes.  As I was reading through the "shoe damage report" thread, I noted that Mr. Antonio25 showed the below depicted well made shoes each with a very brilliant patina that brought the individual pair to higher grounds of admiration. To my surprise, Mr. Antonio was offering these hand made shoes, patina and all, for less than 500 Euros per pair minus postage and handling. I lost my jaw for a second or two. Why? Hmmm....look at them, these shoes shows that the maker has respect for the craft of bespoke shoemaking, is paying attention to the details, and not to mention that he has also mastered the art of the patina. A discipline for itself.
My favourites: the boot and the punched whole cut oxford. I think Mr. Antonio is just teasing my appetite and I am looking forward to the other dishes to be offered. So in short ....I am a very hungry man and waiting for a reply from Mr. Antonio25. More news on these beauties......and thanks Mr. Antonio25 for sharing these beauties with us at Style forum.
Strapped loafer with a nice shine
 Oxford laced boot with an amazing patina in tan and dark brown, I love the rendition of this boot and colouring.
 A beautiful loafer with a darkened toe
 Side laced oxford in a very beautiful red and black patina. I imagine this patina on a Chelsea boot, wonderful.
 A rendition of a wing tipped oxford in beautiful tan and light brown patina
 A Berlutisque rendition of a stitched apron oxford, the patina is breath taking
 A punched cap toe with a medallion on a burgundy whole cut oxford. Classy.
Photos sourced from Style forum

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