Friday, 7 September 2012

Cliff Roberts - The Chocolate brown Bespoke Monk

It is said "all good things come to those who wait", how true. I month or more ago I received a very special pair of chocolate bespoke monks from Master Cliff Roberts of Northampton, England. The pair is very special to me, as it is offered by Master Roberts for being a patient client. Yes, "all good things come to those who wait"! 
Of those of you who do not know Master Roberts, I will give a brief history. 
Master Roberts has been in the shoe making industry for many years, working for one of the known shoemakers from Northampton and he has over 30 years of experience in the shoemaking industry. About a year and a half ago or more he decided to go on his own, becoming a "one man operation" (like Eric Cook) offering bespoke shoes to clients all over the world. Setting up business for yourself has it's up and downs and at the same time bills have to be paid. 
I encountered Master Roberts by ordering my first pair of shoes from him (more than two years ago), received a very well made pair and I was a happy client. Same year ordered another pair, and another. The last pair (brown pebble grain side gusset) took longer than anticipated and as promised by Master Roberts, but I had no issue with that. A long story short, due to the long wait on the last pair, Master Roberts made this beautiful pair of chocolate brown single monk for me on his square chissel toe last. A very astonishing shoe, elegant, simple and classic. The inner lining is "racing green" typical Jaguar and Rolls Royce colours, the sole of the shoe is different from what you have seen from his hand. The topping is the heel with red heel and gold colouring at the edges or corners of the heel. The waist of the shoe is much slender (slim) compared to the other shoes I have from him, elegant.  Master Roberts has made a unique sole for this pair that distinguishes this monk from the rest. The leather is just amazing. Could not really get good pictures of the shine, the fit is like a glove to the hand. Simply amazing. I have worn the shoe indoors several times, each time it feels better.
This pair becomes my second pair of monks, I had a pair many years ago whilst a student and since I have been thinking of commissioning a monk ....and Master Roberts made my wishes come true. I simply like this pair, as it came as a surprise from Master Roberts. It resembles a suede monk executed by Nikolaus Tuzcek, seen here. Well done Master Roberts.

Thank you Master Roberts for a pleasant surprise and a beautiful rendition of a monk. Words can not describe my gratitude.

Here I give you Master Roberts bespoke single monk in chocolate brown colour and racing green inner lining with the unique sole rendition.
The Nikolaus Tuzcek styled square chissel toe
The unique very slim waist, the red heel with the gold on the inner edge. Wow!
Simple and elegant.
 Pictures sourced from Master Cliff Roberts and myself

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